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This gallery is the culmination of my professional artwork. A place to display the pieces I have chosen to create in a wide range of paint and pencil media.

I work from the back room of my home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire as a freelance artist. 

My paintings can challenge me for many weeks at a time, hence I have coined the new term of 'Slo-Art'.


Also, my work doesn't fit easily into artistic 'pigeonholes' for consistent size or subject, which makes my website and shop a little different. 


I paint and draw the complex, the difficult, the beautiful, regardless of the item. So what I can promise you is an eclectic variety of subjects.

My brand new shop is now open with a selection of open and limited edition prints available. Please take a look. 

If  you would like to get in touch with any questions or suggestions please use the contact page.

I hope you enjoy my website, with best wishes



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