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Further exploration


To take these individual fruit studies further, I bought a blood oranges wrapped in black and white tissue paper to paint. I used an HB pencil to make the drawing, Winsor and Newton professional paints and Aquarel textured paper.

This is the reference

I chose this reference as the bright orange colour and the pitted texture of the orange had good contrast with the angular folds in the tissue paper.

So far so good

This photograph shows the fruit and the tissue paper part finished. I found it hard to focus on one area at a time due to the complexity of the paper.

The outline drawing

I added lots of detail to to initial drawing of the tissue paper and continued to carefully observe and add to this as I continued painting.

Nearly done

This is as far as I have taken this picture. I like the contrast in colour and texture and the abstract quality of the angular shapes in the paper. I am unsure as to whether to add to this so it is 'resting' for the moment. I have taken lots of reference photographs, in case I come back to it.